About us

The company is registered in 1994
The company produces:
steel strops of lifting capacity to 32.0 t (by fastening rope ends, pressing rope ends in sleeves), stays (by filling rope ends in snouts with babbit or zinc, using welding), cradles suspended to the hanger to lift people, traverses, vices, technological tare.
The company sells:
steel ropes of different diameters and constructions, elevating metal chains of class 8, chain strops, connecting-parts of chains, lifting hangers, strops of synthetic fibre, special load vices, tackles which are operated by chain and lever, stretch and fastening devices, fastening belts of load, links and rope clamps, hydraulic and magnetic hoists and other products intended to safely lift the load.
Company is renting lifting equipment:
From -14 m. to 60m.
Latest new’s:
We have started producing synthetic lifting slings slings, cargo straps, round slings, net’s for lifting heawy machinery.
kelimo tinklas